“I Am Excited By Some Films Screened Here”

Anurin Nwunembom, Cameroonian actor, director and producer.

How is your stay here in Ouagadougou for the Fespaco?
I am in Ouagadougou for film’s purposes. Fespaco is the biggest rendezvous of African cinema and Ouagadougou is the capital city of African cinema. I am so honoured to be here this year because this is the country of my African hero, Thomas Sankara. So, this is a great time for me. It’s going to be screening – by the way I saw an amazing Haitian movie yesterday, networking, meeting people, exchanging complementary cards, and of course talking business. I am gaining a lot being here. I think every filmmaker doing this job has the intention of going to festivals. In my opinion, it is one of the roots of being a better filmmaker. It serves the purpose of film. You can’t make a film and people don’t watch it specially in Africa where cinema halls are not the norm. So, a film festival is a great place to watch movies. I am already excited by some films screened here, the Oscar nominated film will be screened here and I mean maybe it is the only occasion for me to see it. That is the advantage. As a filmmaker, you must see film and enjoying A film festival like Fespaco is a paradise for filmmakers. 

You are coming to present the film “Enterrés (Buried)”. What message does it send?
I am also here for “Enterrés (Buried)” a Françoise Ellong’s movie that we did, and I am really happy that the selection happened, and I really hope that everyone who will watch the movie is going to like it, carrying the message. This movie is about children. You know children suffer a lot. Immediately, the little girl who was killed in Buea comes to my mind. Adults are becoming concerned with their own selfishness, they forget that children don’t ask to be born. “Enterrés” is a movie about children and at the same time it is about adults who became adults from a very poor childhood. This kind of movie makes you understand that a child is a father of man and a girl a mother of a woman.

This is not your first collaboration here at Fespaco with Françoise Ellong. You were also seen in “Ashia”. What do you like about this collaboration between you two?
“Ashia” was a short film. I am really always amazed and honoured when she calls me up and says I want you for the lead of my film, because I love her stories very much. She knows how to touch your senses. It means a lot being beside her here. She is one of those people who are giving me a lot of opportunities. I feel happy to be part of this incredible movie.



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