Limbe, The Football Temple

All has been done to ensure that attendees of the football jamboree in the Fako administrative headquarters will find standard lodging, transportation, health facilities and security.

Pool F of the 9 January- 6 February, 2022, Total Energies AFCON Cameroon will be lodged in two cities of Limbe and Buea. The temple of Pool F action will be in Limbe where the football matches will happen in the Limbe Omnisports Stadium, capital of Fako Administrative Unit in the South West Region. Co-hosting Pool F is Buea, the Regional capital of the South West, some 30 kilometres from Limbe. Buea’s involvement in the continental games is limited to offering lodging and training ground for some of the international teams and delegations.
The temple of the event will be the Limbe Omnisports Stadium situated on the outskirt of the coastal city of Limbe, precisely in Ngeme neighbourhood of Limbe-Two Administrative Sub-Division. Limbe prides itself as attractive host of international events, especially in the domain of sports since December 2016, with the female AFCON, as well as in January, 2021, with the CHAN continental rendezvous.   
With the tested experiences of hosting two previous continental rendezvous, Limbe is visibly blossoming with unflinching readiness to receive the international dignifying sporting visitors. Football fans will converge on the sumptuous 22.000 space-seater Limbe Omnisports stadium for the various official matches on schedule. The teams will be lodged in Limbe and Buea from where asphalted access roads are available to transport them to Limbe for matches.
Limbe is rich in touristic sites. Such fascinating sites include the Bimbia Slave Trade Village, Limbe Wild Life Centre, Botanic Garden, Black Sandy beaches among others. For these, the visitors will never feel bored while in Limbe. To give a princely accommodation to the sporting visitors from within and without Cameroon, Limbe and Buea present with over 99 officially registered and classified hotels. 
The catalogued facilities offer some 1,496 rooms, 1,664 beds, 107 suites and 70 lodging apartments. Refresher professional and moral training has been proffered to the staff of such hotels with close supervision from technocrats of the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure. 
Such an attractive bed and board offer is detailed as follows: Limbe (Fako Divisional capital) is giving a new look to its 69 registered hotels offering some 940 rooms for 987 beds, 70 suites and 34 apartments. The Regional capital city of Buea with its 24 legally declared hotels has 543 rooms, 628 beds, 37 suites and 35 apartments. Meanwhile Tiko, the gateway to the South West Region, offers six hotels for 49 rooms, 49 beds and one hotel apartment officially known to the Regional office of Tourism.
Limbe by night is most cherished with security, social and cultural assets to count on. Preparatory meetings are regularly held by the administration to check the safety of Limbe in view of the coming continental football feast. Amid the preparatory measures, cleanliness is equally given a premium concern. The streets are well dressed with the main entrance to Limbe ornamented with emblematic coconut trees on both sides. Garbage is regularly cleared and general sanitation is supervised by the City Council.
In the domain of health, Limbe is proud of a standard Regional Hospital with the state-of-the-arts radiography, echography, laboratories and a modernized reception quality. Ambulances are readily available to quickly transport severe and accident cases to hospital. Medics of varied specialties are readily on hand to handle cases of distress.



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