Improving on Health Care: Healthlane Launches Activity

It will go a long way to enable the population to monitor their health with little difficulties.

Health care and health services in Cameroon are still very expensive and most Cameroonians still find it difficult to access health care services. Most often, people wait until they are critically sick before going to the hospital. Against this backdrop a new approach in monitoring health known as Healthlane has been launched in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala. Healthlane is specialised in preventive health which is out to simplify the way people understand, monitor and optimised their health. During the launching ceremony on Friday 12 November one of the founders of Healthlane Dr Agbor Ashu explained that Healthlane has developed a world class laboratory while giving the population an excellent health care for a healthier life. He said they combine remote medical services and those in the field which gives the opportunity to link clients with Doctors, pharmacist and other players in the field. Founded in 2020 in the heart of COVID 19 Healthlane clients will have an application installed in their phones which will enable them monitor their health in terms of what and when to eat, drink, exercise and sleep The project won a 1.3 billion FCfa funding for its operation in Africa. It is a simplified Healthcare service where there are comprehensive wellness checks and person...



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