Ekondo Titi : Terrorists Kill Three Students, Teacher

A statement from the local administrative officer in the area said efforts are ongoing to track the culprits.

Explosive devices from some unidentified terrorists have sadly killed three students and a teacher in Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Ekondo Titi in the Ndian Division of the South West Region. The unfortunate incident occurred  on Monday November 24, 2021.
The Divisional Officer of Ekondo Titi, Timothew Aboloa, said the attackers used explosive devices and guns on innocent students. The D.O. disclosed that the act was orchestrated by separatist fighters who burst into the school premises by 7:30 a.m. with guns and explosives attacking the kids for no just reason. 
Those killed in the incident were: Emmanuel Orume aged 12, Joyceline Iken, 16, and Kum Emmanuel, 17 years of age. A French language teacher by name Song Celestine was also killed by the attackers. Although the total number of students wounded was not yet clear by the time of going to press, the D.O. pointed out that those who had injuries had been rushed to hospital for urgent medical attention. Two of those seriously wounded were transferred to the Limbe Regional Hospital, while four others were being attended to at the Ekondo-Titi District hospital.
The situation created some panic across the town, but the D.O. in a statement called on parents to be calm as the forces of law and order were already doing everything possible to bring the situation under control. Timothew Aboloa insisted that parents should not feel discouraged by the situation, adding that high security measures will be put in place to protect schools operating in the area. 
Messages of compassion and condemnation of the barbaric attack have started trickling in. The European Union in a tweet last night condemned the violence perpetrated against schools and civilians.  The European Union firmly condemned the authors of the atrocities and said justice for the victims is necessary in order to ensure lasting peace in the North West and South West Regions.



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