CAR : 30 Killed After Rebel Attacks

Most of those killed in the northwest of the Central African Republic are civilians and two soldiers’ local officials said on Tuesday.

The unilateral cease-fire declared by the President of Central Africa Republic, Faustin Touadera, on Friday, October 15, 2021 with the armed rebel groups has been broken following simultaneous attacks on Sunday north west of the country in the villages of Kaita and Bayengou, some 500 kilometres north of the capital Bangui. According to a Regional Administrator, Esaie Gbanin, the attack was carried out by elements of the 3R (Return, Reclamation, Rehabilitation) rebels. The 3R, which is mainly composed of fighters from the Fulani ethnic group, is one of the most powerful armed groups in the country. At the end of December 2020, they joined the rebel coalition that sought to overthrow President Faustin Touadera under the auspices of former President, Francois Bozize.
Despite these failed attempts, President Touadera, who has previously opposed to any negotiations with armed groups, made a surprise move by declaring a cease-fire which the rebels welcomed as a big conciliatory gesture, “Peace is priceless, and there is no true peace except that which comes from a frank dialogue between the sons and daughters of a country torn apart by endless crises such as ours,” Touadera said in a speech carried on national radio. He urged the rebel leaders “to finally respect their word and give peace, security and living together a chance, as a guarantee for the socio-economic development of our country.”
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