Kupe Muanenguba : Minister Elung Advocates Peace, Unity

The Minister, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic was addressing sons and daughters of the three sub-divisions that make up the division over the weekend in Yaounde.

Sons and daughters of Kupe Muanenguba Division in the South West Region have been urged to be promoters of peace, unity, love and harmony because it is only through these values that the development of the area can be guaranteed. Minister Elung Paul Che, himself son of the division, on Saturday November 27, mobilized elite of the three sub-divisions (Bangem, Tombel and Nguti sub-divisions) residing in Yaounde under the canopy of the Kupe Muanenguba Cultural and Development Association (KUMUACUDA), to reflect on sustaining peace, unity among the people and above all promoting the development of the area.  “We are living through very trying moments with regards to what is happening in the North West and South West Regions. Kupe Muanenguba is part of these two regions. I think we have done a lot to talk to our populations and convince our community that it is better to live in peace than in a war state. We are happy that our kids and kins have harken to our calls. So, we are calling upon the elite that we should promote peace, love, unity, harmony and living together,” the Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency said. For now, Kupe Muanenguba is enjoying relative calm with activities going on normally. While regre...



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