Made in Cameroon: New Horizons For Producers

A four-day exhibition at Douala Grand Mall gave an opportunity to showcase homemade products to the world.

It was a hectic weekend for producers of Cameroon-made products as they were given an opportunity to showcase their talents and products. This was during a four-day exhibition event organised by the Douala Grand Mall from the 2 -5 December 2021.

The Douala Grand Mall has as one of its objectives to promote made in Cameroon products while giving them the opportunity to expose to the world so as to gain market and to be recognised internationally. Reasons why this second edition of “Week-ends du Made in Cameroon” was a great-moment to invite both national and international visitors to consume locally made products. It was also a way to sensitise the public and civil society to take interest in the development of local production. And to ensure that the public savours the beauty in made in Cameroon goods.

During a press conference announcing the event on Thursday December 2, the manager of the Douala Grand mall Caroline Bapeck-Yoba explained that they were encouraged to organise a second edition due to the successes registered in the first edition. She also added that they have a mandate to promote Cameroonian product and they have to stick to it. She said during the last edition they had over 30 exhibitors and at press time they already had more than 60 exhibitors for made in Cameroon Products.

The Vice-president of ASENIA who is one of the organisers Jean-Pierre Mbanga explained that they ensured that the products to be exhibited were of good quality and up to standard. He added that ...



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