As years come and roll by, nations like human beings face pleasant and unpleasant surprises, most of them eventful. But life continues in spite of realities.

Cameroon like other nations in Africa and elsewhere on the planet during the year 2021 faced its own challenges. To claim that there was much to smile at, or declare that there was nothing to celebrate would be unrealistic. For, at a time when skeptics almost drowned the hopes of Cameroonians that their country would host the 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON 2021, owing to the covid-19 pandemic and incompletion of sports infrastructure, they were at last proven wrong.
The President of the Confederation of African Football, CAF Dr Patrice Motsepe travelled to Yaoundé, and put things right. The 33rd edition of AFCON he confirmed, would be organized beginning 9 January,2022 as planned.
Before the breaking of this good news by the CAF President, Cameroonians had in a transparent election, placed a youthful football icon, to manage the country’s Football Federation. Samuel Eto’o who has made a name for himself and the country, had at last been given the right to prove that his soccer prowess does not end on the football pitch, but also, in management of the game.
At this point, we can hope that the pleasant surprises of the new year would include not only an impressive hosting of the greatest football fiesta on the continent, but also victory of the converted trophy.
Although these developments of the year generated good hope, the corona virus, despite efforts by government to weather the storm, continued to claim lives especially beyond our borders. The political crisis in the North West and South West Regions, did not stop to rob Cameroon of peace as seperatists, went on to kidnap and destroy senselessly. 
Besides Boko Haram whose misdeeds, caused much suffering, internal displacements and death, violent conflicts resurfaced between the Arab-Choa and their Mousgoum neighbours in the Logone and Chari Division, Far North Region. What a shock!
Fortunately, Government as usual, did it’s best to alter the trend, but the challenge to live in peace remains with the people of this region as well as other citizens who must not relent their civic role of loyalty and commitment to national objectives.
This spirit is important in nation building as far as reconstruction or the democratization is concerned. The progress made in decentralisation during the year, for example, can be largely attributed to the need to rethink and act in the interest of compatriots.
This rethink of retrograde trends and return to peace demands the will to shy off from weaknesses that undermine national unity and ...



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