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The 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations tournament opens at the Olembe football prestigious stadium on Sunday 9 January 2022. This tournament, the biggest soccer fiesta to be staged on the African continent will be presided at by President Paul Biya.
After two postponements owing to delays in completion of befitting infrastructure and the ravaging effects of covid-19, the football jamboree at last takes place to the surprise of many sceptics who feared that the whole project was a dream that would never come true. With all that has been done in the way of football infrastructure construction and impressive organisation of the games, Cameroon has once more proven that where there is a will, there is always a way out of the challenges faced. 
Besides this adage, Cameroonians themselves believe the impossible is never their fear. In this light, will anyone doubt that by the time the fiesta is over on Sunday 6 February 2022, the pride of Cameroonians could be not only an impressive organisation of a continental jamboree but also an impressive win of the coveted trophy? Such victory would yield pride not only to Cameroonians, but also other African nations and the Confederation of African Football, CAF. For, through this tournament the confederation has proven that despite the painful cost of covid-19, African nations can stand tall in service of their people.
Furthermore, in the face of global challenges, African countries should focus on solidarity and strive for as common future not only in football encounters, but also all that which concerns cooperation for progress in various areas. 
At national level, patriotic Africans should constantly appraise and sympathize with their past socio-political ills inflicted not on...



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