Gender-based Violence: Judicial Experts Drill Fako Social Group Leaders

Leaders of Fako social groups were schooled on Defense methods against gender violence

Over 85 leaders of different social groups, among them religious leaders, quarter heads, CIGs, NGOs, from across Fako Division, have been trained on how to fight gender-based violence, especially on women and girls. The training took place at the Women Empowerment Center, Linbe, on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. The theme was  "Educational and Community Discussion on Gender-based Violence (GBV) and the legal framework for the protection of women and girls."

The training was conducted by  two legal experts: Magistrates Rose Nkamngoh and Forfeke Percy Ndaseh from Kupe Muanenguba. They disclosed that the training had been initiated by Government with support from the UN Women as a way to help stem the increase in GBV cases which have seen a rise since the onset of the Anglophone crisis and the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The participants were drilled on the different international, regional and national legal instruments that the Government of Cameroon has ratified in order to help in the fight against gender based violence.
The participants were told that gender-based violence was not limited to sexual violence but also involved acts causing psychological violence, forced marriages, financial resource denial against the women, child labour and other forms of discrimination against the women and the girl child. The participants were especially drilled on the different pathways to seek redress should they suffer any form of violence. The legal experts noted that the Legal Department, Women Empowerment Centers, Courts, Hospitals and the Security services were some of the avenues where victims can quickly go to for redress.

They were informed that 72 hours was the emergency time frame to immediately report a case especially that of rape....



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