DIALOGUE, A Genuine Resolve

The word dialogue is so important in the handling of disputes that no peace-maker can ignore the implications of its usage. From the letters that build this word, we see why the appeal for DIALOGUE has come up several times in write-ups and speeches in Cameroon since 21 November 2016.

The Message:

D – Democratic and Diplomatic

I – Illustrious and Immaculate

A – Absolute and Acceptable

L – Legitimate and Licentious

O – Overt and Orderly

G – Genial and Godly

U – Undazzled, and Useful

E – Educative and Effective

We need DIALOGUE to demonstrate love for ourselves and our country. We face the challenge of settling our differences through the principle of Think and Talk, Listen and Share, NOT Fear and Tears. It pays to act in love through DIALOGUE

Shey Peter MABU



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