NUDP Introduces Computerised Party Cards

The membership cards are under distribution in grassroots structures nationwide.


In preparation for the upcoming Sixth Ordinary Congress of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) party built for February 2017, enthusiasm is building up in various grassroots structures following the launch of the distribution of computerized party cards. Several coordination teams could be seen in the party’s headquarters in Yaounde on August 14, 2016 collecting feedback from teams on the field on how the distribution process was unrolling.

“The new party cards which concern new and old party militants will enable us know each militant’s grassroots structure as well as the latter’s membership strength,” the Director of the Party’s Headquarters, Kuma Peter Kombain told Cameroon Tribune. The headquarters had sent the new party cards to divisional federations of the party for transmission to sections, sub-sections and branches. “What is also innovative about these party cards is that they are sold at FCFA 200 which is retained by the grassroots structure as funding for activities. This explains the positive feedback we are having from the party base,” Kuma Peter Kombain further explained, adding that the party card fee is different from party contributions by militants which are categorised according to the status of the militants.

Meanwhile, the upcoming 6th Ordinary Congress is taken seriously as it will hol...



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