Star Building Namibia Seeks Strengthened Sports Cooperation

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on February 8, 2022 received the Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service of Namibia.

The government of Namibia through the country’s Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service, Emma Sidona Kantema Gaomas  has congratulated Cameroon for successfully hosting the Africa Cup of Nations (TotalEnergies 2021). The Minister transmitted the congratulations during the courtesy visit she paid to Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute on February 8, 2022.  
Talking to the press after their discussions, Minister Emma Sidona Kantema said, “We are Africans and in the African tradition we cannot come to the house without visiting the head.” Expressing delight for having been honoured through the reception, she said, “I came to congratulate Cameroon through the Prime Minister for successfully hosting the AFCON 2021.” Giving details, she explained that, “We congratulate Cameroon for the well organised competition. I attended the competition and what I observed is that it was well done. Organising the highest competition in the continent requires a lot of hard work, team work and coordinating togeth...



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