Higher Education: Preparations Underway For New Academic Year

The University Standards drafted by the Ministry of Higher Education sets aside specific orientations for the preparation of the new school year.

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After the release of the results of the 2016 official examinations in Cameroon, aspiring university students have their dreams high to be admitted into higher institutions of learning. It is also time for higher education officials to prepare for the next academic year.

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The University Standards drafted by the Department of University Accreditations and Quality in the Ministry of Higher Education in 2014, sets aside  specific orientations for the preparation of the new school year. The university standards stipulates that prior to the university re-opening, university institutions have to take measures to control enrolment; make available the different texts and get the support of the supervisory and technical-administrative staff.

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In order to achieve these objectives, university institutions must be proactive and should proceed to the organisation of the academic year by creating diverse actions. For instance,  before going on holidays in the month of August, university institutions should proceed to the distribution of Course Units in conformity with the existing rules and regulations; put into practice an offer of training which integrates professionalization of course units in all scientific fields; organise pedagogic seminars for lecturers; develop, alongside the academic calendar fixed by the supervisory authority, a coherent calendar of the different academic activities scheduled as from the registration up to the meetings with the students. Also, ensure the publication and distribution of the calendar to the members of the university community.

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Concerning instructors and part-time lecturers, schools must organise the recruitment of instructors and part-time lecturers. As for information for new students, universities should conceive and post the plan of the university infrastructure (Amphitheatres, pedagogic buildings, halls for practicals…). Conceive posters and prospectus for students which present the different services offered by the university as well as the different academic marked paths in the available series. Also needed are the time-tables of the semester and the elimination of multiple changes of periods suggested by lecturers or groups of students. At re-opening they should organise a matriculation ceremony at the start of the academic year.

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