Sex Tapes : Miss United Nations Sensitizes Students

An educative talk took place over the weekend at the Complexe Scolaire Saint André.

Secondary school students of the Complexe Scolaire Saint André in Yaounde have been edified on the need to shun deviant behaviours which could hinder their education. This was during an educative talk spearheaded by Miss United Nations Cameroon 2022, Wendy Ebella. Miss Wendy Ebella and her staff are currently carrying out an educative talk at some schools nationwide under the theme: “Sensitisation Against Violence in the School Premises: Sex Tape.” 
At the Complexe Scolaire Saint André, Miss Wendy Ebella had an interactive session with the students in which she sought to know their knowledge about certain happeningS in the school milieu. One of these is sex tape, which is said to have been produced in some schools by students. Miss Ebella and even the school authorities were shocked to realise that students, although looking naive, knew more than what they imagined when it came to certain happenings amongst students in schools. That is why she is using her voice through her position, to contribute to ending this ill, which is eating deep into the school milieu. 
The event was in three parts. It began with Miss United Nations probing the students on the problems that young girls encounter in the school environment. One of the students, Samiratou was concerned about the education of students living in crisis zones and not having the same opportunities as her, to go to school. Another student decried the fact that some young girls do not have the opportunity to go to school and are even maltreated by their male counterparts. The second part of the talk focused on the Sustainable Development Goal number four (quality education). Some young parliamentar...



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