Vitamin A Supplementation: Assuring The Health Of Over 344,000 Under-fives

The Canadian government, through Global Affairs Canada, this year is financing the campaign in Cameroon to the tune of 610 million FCFA.

The National Vaccination Days against polio were launched in the East Region of Cameroon on May 13, 2022 by Governor Gregoire Mvongo. The nationwide activity, which is taking place at the same time in neighbouring countries, includes administering Vitamin A supplementation to children aged 6-59 months old. Deworming and conducting a census of babies less than three old months old who do not own birth certificates.
The ceremony, which took place in Government Practising Nursery School Group I, Bertoua, lasts from May 13-16, 2022 for the first round. And from June 10-13, 2022 for the second round. Governor Gregoire Mvongo urged parents to bring forth their children for vaccination. A total of 344,435 children in 15 health districts in the East Region are targeted by the vaccination campaign.
Dr Andjembe Essola José Prosper, East Regional Delegate for Public Health said administrative, traditional and religious authorities, and community leaders were mobilised to ensure the success of the campaign. Dr Pouth Christine Charlotte, East Regional Coordinator for the Expanded Programme on Immunisation, EPI, stressed the importance of Vitamin A for strengthening children’s immunity or defence against diseases. It also boosts growth as well as assures good sight in children.
Vitamin A is administered to children from the age of six months, and subsequently every six months until they are five. All children in the East Region receive equal attention - be they the children of refugees, Internally-displaced People and other Cameroonians, Dr Pouth stressed. Since 1998, the Canadian government, through



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