Remembering Prof. Daniel Noni Lantum : Socio-Cultural Group Celebrates His Works

Known as the “Mfuh Yaounde, the group met at the residence of the deceased on July 09, 2022 in honour of his contributions to the community.

The contributions of the late Prof. Daniel Noni Lantum, a renowned medical officer and researcher who died on February 15, 2021, to the Nso cultural community have been celebrated. As a member who belonged to the “Mfuh Yaounde” (a typical traditional society of the Nso people, Bui Division of the North West Region), the socio-cultural group organised at the residence of the deceased in Bastos, some traditional displays in his honour. The late Prof. Daniel Noni Lantum was referred to as “Shuy Fai Bastos” in the socio-cultural group.
According to the President of “Mfuh Yaounde”, Sebastian Konglim, known traditionally as “Nformi Nso Yaounde,” the deceased was a permanent member of the socio-cultural group and the event is in memory of his contributions to the progress of the group and that of the community in general. He explained that the late medical professor died when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, making a gathering in his honour difficult, reason they are only celebrating now. “Every member of the Mfuh society is always celebrated after his death. The Nfuh society comes out to greet the children and mourn or celebrate with them. It depends on the age, if it is a young man, we mourn with them but if it is an elderly man like the shuy fai Bastos, we celebrate with them,” he explained. The President of the socio-cultural group added that such a celebration, traditionally is to disconnect the deceased from the living but a continuity is assured by getting one of his children to rep...



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