Chad: The First Step

Except last minute changes, the Republic of Chad is gradually and steadily writing history. Meeting in Doha (Qatar) for about six months, the Transitional Military Council and 42 of the 47 participating politico-military groups have signed a peace agreement. The peace agreement which is aimed at ending decades of conflict, most analysts say, is not only historic, but a timely pace setter for the holding of the National Inclusive Dialogue slated for August 20, 2022. On hand to endorse the agreement from the government bench was the head of the Transitional Military Council, Idriss Mahamat Deby, while representatives of 42 politico-military groups did put pen on paper to close the pre-dialogue phase of reconciliation. 
The signing of the Doha peace agreement after many weeks of brainstorming had three significances. First, the presence of the head of the Transitional Military Council Idriss Deby in Doha to personally sign the agreement, shows to what extend the Chadian Head of State want to see his country in peace and unity. Secondly, the acceptance by the 42 politico-military groups to sign the accord even though not all their proposals were validated is a strong indication that these groups are not only tired of fighting but also yearning for peace. Lastly, the peace agreement closes the first phase of reconciliation and widely opens the door for the launch of a National Inclusive Dialogue, which would pave the way for the putting in place of a new constitution and organisation of democratic elections.
Though five of the politico-military present in Doha did not sign the accord wi...



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