"Youth unemployment is a worry"

 Kouekam Guy Honoré, Divisional Officer

What is the socio-political situation of your administrative unit?
 Relative calm reigns in the Subdivision. The elite were not at ease with each other sometimes ago, but the tense situation is giving way to some actions of togetherness. We hope that genuine harmony and brotherhood is restored for them to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Subdivision. We also witness some cases of theft and farmer-grazer conflicts, which we adequately handled using regulated Commissions and local field strategies. Farmers and grazers have been encouraged to amicably handle conflicts to give peace a chance.
Is the Wum council and elite involved in the development of the Subdivision?
I must say that PNDP has been very instrumental in local development initiatives since I took control of the administrative unit in 2013. They accompany the council and I think the process could be enhanced with the close collaboration of technical services. The involvement of technical services could check or reduce the level of abandoned projects necessary to take development forward. Maybe I should salute the efforts of the Aghem Cultural and Development Association (ACADA), which features prominently in the development process. ...



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