Travel Bags : From Rice Containers To Revenue Making

This handicraft activity practiced in yaounde by young and old people help them gaining their life.

At the place called “Pont de la Gare” which is opposite the train station, an observation is done. Young and elderly people who engage themselves in producing travel bags from used rice bags are present alongside the road. This sector is considered the stronghold of this activity.  Small, medium and large, the bags are made in thousands shapes and colors.
At seeing the results, one will think that the material which helps in the production of these bags is easy to get whereas that is not the case. This activity which started in 2013, is a way for the young ones and even old people to get some revenue. “Looking at the situation of high unemployment in the country, some young people have decided to embark on this activity, including myself and over the years, I got a taste of that” says Toumba Mongolo, considered as one of the oldest in the field.
These bags have several uses. Although they are most often used for traveling purpose, they are also used for house removals and other things. As for t...



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