Njikwa Municipal Projects: Tripartite Agreement To Enhance Execution

Local development stakeholders united to fasttract delivery on projects in this municipality

The way forward for local development in Njikwa municipality, Momo Division of the North West Region was the subject during the Njikwa council’s mid-term evaluation session recently. Development partners, Councillors and technical services resolved to unite and help matters towards the effective execution of development projects. The session stressed the merits of collective effort in fasttracking project implementation and taking Njikwa out of underdevelopment. The Mayor of Njikwa Council, Emmanuel Akebe Angwa featured the new vision of the Council’s administration, summed up in “collaboration at the levels of project initiation, maturation and execution”, as the way forward to best deliver on project execution and development that gives the municipality a facelift in socio-economic life. From the look of things, the new vision of the Council is inspired by observed speed brakes in project execution blamed on uncommitted contractors and solo actions in contract awards and follow up. It also emerged from the session that the Mayor Emmanuel Akebe Angwa is turning full circle to rekindle the hope of Council workers, some of whom have salary arrears up to months and not too promising situation of Council workers at the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF). He had a message of hope for Councillors and inspired them to rise to expect...



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