Minimally Invasive, Robotic Surgeries: Stakes, Challenges In Africa

Experts at the ongoing gynaecological endoscopic congress examined the development of both surgeries on the continent yesterday, September 28 in Yaounde.

The development of minimally invasive surgery in the African setting has remained a controversial topic. While some people think it is a luxury, others say it is a necessity. However, during a plenary session on the “Development of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Africa”, the President of the Local Organising Committee of the ongoing international endoscopic surgery congress, Professor Jean Marie Kasia, in a presentation, has shown that all gynaecological pathologies can be treated via an endoscopic surgery.


Pr. Kasia explained that more than 80 per cent of surgeries are performed via endoscopy. Such positive revelations are worthy for policy makers to invest in the domain for a better healthcare to its citizens. Pr. Kasia said besides the challenges of the technology, the advantages of minimally invasive operating techniques are: less pain, faster recovery after an operation, earlier return to work and better cosmetic results among other things. Because equipment for the surgery are expensive, Pr. Kasia said experts should wisely choose their materials. “The cost of any equipment, does not determine its longevity. An equipment might be expensive, but has a longer life span”, Pr. Kasia noted. He added that longevity of any equipment depends on how it is maintained.


Professor Emmanuel Nzau Ngoma from the Democratic Republic of Congo presented the challenges of developing endoscopic surgery in sub-Saharan Africa. He said the continent has limited access to endoscopic competence, majority of the population (60 per cent) live in rural areas and lack basic utilities. He revealed that the cost of training practitioners, as well as treating patients is expensive. The continent also lacks technical support for upkeep and repair of equipment, lack local teaching centres (local trainers) with a limited market f...



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