Tooth Pick: Production Boosting Funds Available

At Kamcure Dent’s press conference organised at their temporary headquarters in Yaounde, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kamsu Roger Brice made known the figures of the fund-raising known as the « Cross Funding». The programme was launched online on August 1st, 2020 and ended on September 15th, 2022 with a total amount of 142,515,500 FCFA gotten from over 3,800 investors worldwide. The Cross Funding was done in 11 phases with the first phase ranging from FCFA 250 to FCFA 10,000 which recorded about 34 million FCFA. The amount solicited increased as the phases changed running for a period of two years. They declared that though the above stated amount raised was not up to 250 million which was the initial expectation, it is enough to start production and cover fixed capital. The latest date slated for the official entry of the goods into the market and their commercialisation is December 1st, 2022. They also mentioned that as at now, their maximum production capacity is estimated at 28,000 boxes of tooth pick per day and approximately 1 million per month, hoping to cover 100 % of Cameroon’s local market in the long run and even Central Africa as a whole. The Technical Director, Mr Tetsa Rhandy brought out the aspect of the raw material which is bamboo, stating that they have acquired five hectares of land and have planted 3,000 Indian bamboo. But due to the fact that the bamboo will take four years to mature, they will begin production with bamboo ...



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