Loveline Nimo : From The Blues To Stardom

She is currently making headlines as the best Cameroonian actress following the just-ended Ecrans Noirs film festival in Cameroon.

Loveline Nimo. This name is currently in most news headlines when it comes to the Cameroon Film Industry. Before now, not much was known or heard about her. But since her coronation as the best Cameroonian actress at the just-ended Ecrans Noirs Film Festival which took place from October 1 to 8 in Yaounde, the rising actress who hails from Mankon in the North West Region, is the name on the lips of most, if not all, film lovers in Cameroon and beyond. 
Loveline Nimo’s outstanding role in the Cameroonian movie; “The Planter’s Plantation” has made her an emerging “Star” in the movie world in Cameroon.  But her acting career dates back to 2012 when she performed in the movie; "Out of the Blues.” Since 2012, she has appeared in several movies among which “Saving Mbango”, “The Fisherman's Diary”, “Shrill”, as well as a supporting role in the 4th Generation movie.  Nimo says her interest in acting caused her to join a movie training centre in Bamenda called "Ruphina's House” where she was trained in the art. But, Nimo is also a graduate from the University of Bamenda with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.  She is also a holder of a Higher National Diploma in Real Estate Management from the Higher Technical Teacher Training College in Kumba, South West Region.  
Nimo says her career in the Cameroon film industry has been a beautiful journey, filled with lots of "No's response" and rejections.  But she is glad such negative moments have been punctuated with good experiences from which she has garnered strength and inspiration. “From the time I started training as an actress, I have had to lead every little role through projects, to give them an identity, a life of their own as well as a voice,” the ac...



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