“We Have To Make Sure The Funds Are Accessible To All”

Ibrahima Cheikh Diong, ARC Execitive Director.


It’s a pleasure to know that the African Union has this preventive measure of risk but we notice that Africa still remains under the effect of catastrophes. Looking at the statistics only 35 countries have signed the treaty and less than 20 countries have ratified it. I wish to know whether it’s the government that does not listen to you or is it that Africa does not provide the means of its policy. What is Africa doing to help its member States strengthen the capacity building disasters?
For Africa Risk Capacity to exist as an organisation created by the UA is a sign that Africa is not waiting because it’s creating an institution intended and dedicated to doing what I just disclosed to you and that is a sign of leadership. It is equally a sign of taking initiative and not waiting for community to come in. 
One thing I discovered when I visited the AU recently, they have one place they call the situation room. And that is the room where they monitor the evolution of floods across Africa. And when they see something acute coming up that can likely lead to disaster, they may want to bring the policy-makers around the table to have a conversation with sponsors and countries on how to solve situations in the country and win the support of the AU. So I think if you have not heard much about this I urge that you all investigate further and write about that because this is Africa also again leading. By creating a platform where we can innovate because situations like floods do not have to reach the level of disaster unless there is anticipation to make sure you can save lives and households. 

We just came back from Charm El-Sheikh where Africa always goes begging, crying, going with lots of hope but Africa comes back in tears. And yet we are the second lungs of the world. We can decide to put an end to it, deforestation, pollution without pay at home and yet we are still waiting for manna to come from those who destroy. What do you do with regards to this and do you have risk prevention instruments?
When it comes to Cop 2007 it is a bit different to the way I see. I don’t think Africa went to Cop 2007 with a hangout or kind of begging. I think Africans went there with specific concerns they wanted to put on the table one of which I talked about loss and damage because we came to get less and the less were affected by climate change and we made sure our voice was heard and let’s hold it a fact that there is a loss of damage fund. This may be the outcome of the pressure mounted by the Africans during the conference. The obvious and necessary thing is the details. We have to m...



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