Michelle Ndokam : Boiling In Talent

The 21-year-old actress who played the main role in recently premiered movie “Mama Nene”, hopes to marvel the industry.

Michelle Ndokam has just been introduced to the big screens via the role she played in recently premiered movie; “Mama Nene”. She plays the main role of “Nene” and her capacity to fit in the character is making her a young talent that every movie director will want to have on set. Her crying ability, acting the words and gesticulation have made many sit in her shoes. At 21, the actress hopes to make use of her youthfulness and talent to achieve a lot in the movie industry. 
Though acting was her passion, her parents wanted her to be a medical doctor. She struggled to convince them to accept her choice reason why she was sent to the University of Buea to study Performing and Visual Art. While still in school, she got linked up to do the movie “Mama Nene”. “I was so happy when I got the role. It was not any kind of role, it was the main character of the movie,” Ndokam revealed before promising to give her best. The best which she gave as her performance in the movie has attracted widespread admiration.
And after one year of studies in Buea, her mother still convinced her to leave the university for nursing where she is currently studying at St Louis Institute Yaounde. But Michelle is not letting acting go. “Seeing my...



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