Cannes 2023 : Cameroonian Film Selected

“Mambar Pierrette” by Cameroonborn Rosine Mbakam is amongst the long films for the upcoming “Quinzaine des cineastes.”

The general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival section “Quinzaine des cineastes” (Directors' Fortnight), Julien Rejl, has unveiled the 20 feature films for the 55th edition to be held from 17 to 26 May, 2023. Amongst these films is "Mambar Pierrette" by 43-year-old Cameroonborn film director Rosine Mbakam. The Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des cineastes) is one of the main parallel sections of the Cannes Festival. This non-competitive section of the festival is dedicated to the discovery of new filmmakers and also includes a few established authors in its selection. According to information from the organizers, the bulk of the films selected centres on discoveries amongst which is an Indian film on the repression of sexuality ("Agra") by Kanu Behl, a "totally independent" Russian roadmovie shot in 2021 ("Grace") by Ilya Povolotsky and the Belgian-Cameroonian film "between fiction and documentary" on the journey of a "mother-courage" ("Mambar Pierrette") by Rosine Mbakam. Speaking to a Belgian press, Rosine Mbakam talks about her creative art. She explained: “For me and my family in Cameroon, cinema was like a world apart where there were only incredible stories, embodied by incredible people. In my film, these incredible people are my family and the stories are theirs.” "Mambar Pierrette" is the story of a woman who runs a shabby little workshop in the city of Douala. Through a camera, Rosine Mbakam unfolds the life of the mother with children who has to toil each day to feed her family. Rosine Mbakam is a Cameroonian film director based in Belgium. She has directed many short films and fulllength feature films, of which the most wellknown are documentaries amongst which “ Les deux visages d'une ...



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