Need To Respect The Calendar

Several months after the coming to power of the Military Government in Mali, there are still doubts as to whether the transitional calendar will be respected. The uncertainty emanates from the different complaints raised by most of the stakeholders. One of them is the Malian League of Imams and Scholars for Islamic Solidarity in Mali (LIMAMA) that has vehemently rejected the new constitutional draft due to the inclusion of the term “secular state” and are urging all patriotic Muslims to vote against the draft constitution in its current form during the referendum. According to them, the word “secular state” should out rightly be removed in all its forms from the draft constitution and its replacement by multi-faith state. Apart from the Imams, the political class as well as the civil society have voiced out their opposition against any of the current military personal competing for the next election. They are therefore against the draft proposal that authorizes the current military leaders to run for the February 24, 2024 first round presidential elections.
However, while expecting that the military authorities would carefully brainstorm on the grievances and come out with a proposal that would be accepted by all, there is high need for the transitional calendar agreed on with the approval of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to be respected. For this to be a reality...



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