Bamboutos, Canon : Some Players Sanctioned

Both clubs suspended a total of 11 players for several reasons which sum up to indiscipline.

Elite One clubs Bamboutos of Mbouda and Canon Sportif of Yaounde have levied sanctions on some of their players for reasons which sum up to indiscipline. Bamboutos of Mbouda that finished second in the just-ended MTN Elite One championship sanctioned a total of six players in two separate decisions signed May 30, 2023 by the Director General, Pascal Dissock. 
One of the decisions suspends four players for a period of seven days as of the time of the signature of the decision for going against a certain term of their contracts and several absences at training sessions without justifications. They include; Herman Tchakounte Sandjon, Moussa Aoudou, Eugène Patrice Ejenguele and Edwing Leonel Ngoumeka Tsuata. The other decision is harder as it expels for the 2022/2023 season, two big wigs of the club; Junior Brandon Njoufack and Patrick Lionel Kybien. Reasons raised include the constant violation of article 5 of their contracts, recurrent absences for trainings without justifications, inciting revolt, insubordination and the non-respect of professional norms. T...



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