Fight Against Hate Speech : Mass Communication Campaign Categorically Rejects Vice

Bills boards along major road junctions in Yaounde preach social cohesion.

Difficult for someone to walk the streets of Yaounde without reading messages on billboards along major road junctions denouncing hate speech and tribalism. The messages are bilingual and target mostly youths and political parties. The initiative of the civil society organisation “La génération consciente” seeks at closing the door from which hate speech emanates, preach love and understanding to fellow Cameroonians for sustainable development. “No to hate and violence in all its forms and no to tribalism,” “hate speeches are linked and the patriots are unleashed to say stop,” are some of the messages one can read on the billboards. 
The campaign rejecting hate speech to strengthen social bonds amongst all Cameroonians equally reminds all of the legal framework which categorically punishes such a vice. The mass communication campaign has the objective of putting an end to hate language, verbal violence and tribalism, aspects which threaten national unity and subsequently growth. 
Cameroon is a bilingual nation with over 250 tribes. Thus strengthening our diversity and consolidating national unity should be our springboard to better achieve the outline National Development Strategy (NDS30) programme.  
The mass communication campaign comes to add to other initiatives carried out by civil society organisations and other stakeholders to denounce the troubling vice which is gaining grounds in the social media and other exchanges. The National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, for example, has on several occasions organised formal meetings and sensitisation campaigns to highlight the dangers of hate speech and the role peace and social cohesion have on the development of ...



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