World Music Day : Douala Celebrates

Concerts, conferences, and other activities characterised celebrations in Douala on June 21, 2023.

Music, they say is food to the soul, reasons why Douala inhabitants joined the world on June 21, 2023 to celebrate this year’s edition of world music day. The day in Douala was characterised by concerts organised in different parts of the town. The theme for World Music Day 2023 is "Music on the Intersections," and it highlights the immense influence of music in unifying communities and individuals. Music is a language of bringing changes in society. Every movement around the world is propelled by the medium of music. It is the easiest and most effective way of delivering messages. It is also used as a tool to raise awareness about social issues, advocate for justice and bring about meaningful change in society. 
This year’s celebration is coming at a time when the music industry in Cameroon is faced with a lot of challenges. The music content and genre at times needs much to be desired and musical artist are in conflict with their clients on daily bases. To commemorate the day, the Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture for the Littoral, on June 20, 2023 organised a conference on the theme “Music contracts and jurisdictional issues”, to sensitise artists on the how to go about contracts and the law. During the conference, the different speakers including the Regional Delegate of Culture for Littoral, Prof. Edimo Francois, and Houaje Nkouounkam all drilled the artist on what to do bef...



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