Alarming Indecency: Road Users Trade Insults

It’s now commonplace to insult or be insulted after a wrong or difficult manoeuvre on the roads in Douala.

Road users in Douala are fast becoming loose and uncontrollable as most are impatient on the roads. Be it car drivers, motorbike riders, truck pushers, and even pedestrians, the indecency is alarming. The phenomenon which is on the increase has left many city dwellers wondering what is fast becoming of their beautiful economic capital Douala. Hardly does a day go by without city dwellers witnessing road users exchanging blows in one part of the town or the other. Some bike riders at times even insult clients of their colleagues The insults are sometimes provoking One will hear insults like: “Votre bouche malodorante!”, “Sorcière!”, “Avec ton laid client!”, some will even ask questions like: “Qui t'a donné la voiture?”, while others will tell you that that you don’t know the price of the vehicle you are driving (“Tu ne connais même pas le prix du véhicule que tu conduis!”, “Enlève le cadeau de mariage là en route!”. This attitude is making life so uncomfortable for most city dwellers. Solantine Mbatcham, a road user in Douala, expla...



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