Valery Tito: The Natural Communicator

For over 17 years, he has groomed his passion to touch the lives of people through radio and TV programmes.

Being in the media domain is like a proper call for Valery Tito, a Cameroonian in his 30s. In primary and secondary schools, he was a good speaker. While at the University of Buea, reading Law, he was running a radio programme. Upon graduation, he spent some time practising in a Law firm. But his natural gift in communication did not allow him stay in the Law field. That is why in 2002 he began a career in the media world.
From Equinox Radio Station in the Littoral Region to Radio Nostalgia and later STV where he worked for over 10 years, Valery Tito has used his communication skills to inspire and tell people’s stories. “My radio and TV programmes focus on ordinary people with an extraordinary life style. I amplify small voices and have the world hear them properly. Through my shows I have been celebrating African talents and initiatives,” Valery explained. He stressed that one does not need to be a super star to impact his/her community. “It is about the little things that one does and when passionate about what you do, you can always make a difference,” the media icon noted. Basically, Valery has spent some 17 years between radios and TV stations. He is currently working on his photographing career.
“Communicating is like a gift to me and as I used the gift to inspire and make other person’s life better, it became a job to me”, Valery noted. While recognising that he has never attended a journalism school, the jovial communicator  says in Africa people focus a lot on certificates whereas in the modern world, it is more about what you can do, gifted to do and passionate about. And Valery is indeed a passionate communicator. He has done a lot of training on-the-ground while reading some YouTube tutorials. “If you have a passion for something, you can always groom the passion to become a profession,” the father of an eight-year-old daughter underlined. Valery Tito says he is not married and he is not searching for a wife because he believes in happiness from within and not because of marriage as the society has viewed it.




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