Hangout with Amara : Preaching Economic Sustainability

The programme is aired on HiTv, a Buea-based television, every Thursday at 4 pm.

A Weekly show airs every Thursday at 4pm on HiTv (Buea-based television), seeks to impact the community, reawaken the consciousness of individuals especially the youths about who they are, their potentials, purpose, future and above all to inspire them. The programme is also letting them understand that they can become anything in life only if they put their minds on it. Without letting fear, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, environment and financial backgrounds limit them. This is the package that sums up Hangout with Amara. The “edutainment” show quests to inspire young persons to be international about their lives and future without fear.
 To achieve all these, carefully sourced high profiled individuals from diverse professional backgrounds in the country and beyond (especially those with exciting inspiring tales) are hosted to share their stories (failures and achievements) with the youth as well as educating them on varying topics and aspects in their fields. The “edutainment” show is being aired for approximately one year now. It has recorded about 50 guests drawn from diplomats, business gurus, scholars, agriculturalists, tech developers etc from within and out of the country. The programme is anchored by Favour Amarachi Nwogu. She was born on July 18, 1998 in Tiko to Nigeria parents: Emmanuel Ifeanyi and Calista Nkechinyere Nwogu. She is the fourth child out of six. Favour is a born Anglican who is passionate about music partly why she is a leading vocalist in her church’s praise team. She likes interviewing people, traveling, singing, cooking, and learning new t...



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