Ngangue, Douala: Unidentified Bike Passenger Stabbed To Death

Shock and consternation gripped the inhabitants of Ngangue in Douala when they woke up to a murder case on August 22, 2016.


A man estimated to be in his 40s was found struggling in a pool of blood on one of the pedestrian pavements near the New Bell Cemetery. On his head were five wounds purportedly inflicted with a dagger. He was soaked in blood from the head to the laps as he rolled mercilessly on the ground.

The man, who soon afterwards gave up the ghost, showed no signs of having struggled with his assailant. Occupants of nearby houses on Roi Njoya Street said they saw a bike rider quickly disappearing towards the Shell New Bell junction at about 5:45 am before they discovered the helpless man. However, they could not say what happened.

A cab driver who arrived the scene just before the man gave up the ghost surmised that the gruesome murder might have been provoked by a dispute over fare between a commercial bike rider and his passenger. The unidentified corpse was later conveyed to the Laquintinie Hospital Mortuary as the assailant is still at large.





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