Cameroon Golf Federation : Internal Wrangling Hinders Progress

The present crisis has led to suspense within the institution while waiting for the holding of an Extraordinary General Assembly to clarify the situation.

For the past few months, the Cameroon Golf Federation (FECAGOLF) is plagued by unending internal squabbles perpetrated by some disgruntled individuals.  The present crisis within the federation has led to suspense within the institution. The climax of it all was the arrest of the President of FECAGOLF, Louis Deschamps Lothin Elessa. The incident occurred during a ceremony to commission into function newly appointed officials of the federation that took place on September 14, 2023 in Yaounde. 
The event almost got interrupted when the head of the department of finance in FECAGOOLF, Danielle Edimo Monefong, in harsh terms contested the installation. She said she was not informed of the meeting and at the same time raining threats to the federation. The presence of policemen in civilian attire and with a warrant of arrest was enough to tell the story. After the installation ceremony, Lothin Elessa was whisked off to the Judicial Police. 
Lothin Elessa is suspected of abuse of the properties of the federation, creation of bank accounts parallel to and usurping the title of the Cameroon Golf Federation. He is said to have turned down several convocations by the Mfoundi Court of First Instance, the Director of Judicial Police and even the Delegate General for National Security. At the same time, Lothi...



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