Chinese : Calligraphy Vehicle Of Emotions

One of the country’s famous calligraphers, Master Wu Chuanhuai, introduced this form of arts to participants of the seminar on young African media professionals on September 18, 2023.

“Despite the fact we come from different countries, we have a common dream,” that was the maiden message written by Master Wu Chuanhuani when he met participants of the Seminar of Young African Media Professionals on September 18, 2023 in Shaanxi Province, China. In effect, the famous Chinese calligrapher came to commune with the media professionals, introduce them to Chinese calligraphy and highlight the importance of the work of arts.
The participants of the seminar assembled at the lobby of their hotel in Xi’an to watch the calligrapher. He took out a bottle of ink, poured in a bowl, took his brush and prepared his writing papers. Then he wrote the first message talking about the common dream. Each of the participants then proceeded to saying a message which Master Wu Chuanhuai wrote with joy. 
After this exercise, the calligrapher explained that Chinese Calligraphy is an important tool of expressing emotions and feelings. He said the emotions and the feelings determines the style used.
He further explained that Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art of writing Chinese characters, evolving from the oracle bone script, stone-drum script, and bronze script (inscriptions on ancient bronze objects) to the large seal script, small seal script, and clerical script, to the cursive script, regular script, and semi-cursive script, which were established in the Eastern Han, Wei, and Jin Dynasties.  Chinese calligraph...



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