Kingsley Mubuhwa: Willing And Determined To Succeed

He is an award-winning actor in the Cameroon film industry, resident in Buea.

38-year-old Kingsley Mubuhwa has won two awards. He won the Best Supporting Actor award in the movie “Cherie Modai”, directed by Chinepo Cosson at the Cameroon Drama Awards of 2012. In 2013, he also won the award for Best Supporting Actor for the movie “Ninah’s Dowry”, directed by Victor Viyouh, at the Cameroon Movies Award. He is currently working on a couple of films to be produced by him and these are “Sweet Dreams,” “Rebel Pilgrim” and “Ancient Drums”.
 Kingsley Mubuhwa holds a Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Zoology from the University of Dschang in 2003. After graduating and job hunting for a while, he decided to go into acting in 2008. It was as a result of a call he received from Njamsi Roland, a producer to help as a boom operator, but upon arrival, one of the characters on set did not show up. So the Director, Amandy Alfred, decided to give him a role in the movie, “Colour of love,” which became his first film. Kingsley Mubuhwa is a native of Bali-nyongha, Mezam Division of the North West Region.  Kingsley  has taken part in about 40 Cameroonian movies, including; “In 19 Hours,” “Ninah’s Dowry,” “Lara’s Song,” “Smokescreen,” Barefoot on Broken Bottles” and  “Cherie Modai”, just to name a few. The dark-skin, tall-looking Kingsley also acted in the television Serial “Rumble,” in which he played the character Larry Mousima. Besides being an actor, he is also a film producer and manager.
The multi-talented Kingsley Mubuhwa has faced some major challenges in his journey in the movie industry, the most pertinent of which has been the Cameroonian audience not believing in their talents and hence not consuming their films, causing discouragement and financial constraints as there are not well paid as actors and actresses. Thanks to the change in the attitude of audience, their jobs as actors have become more secure and their talents are finally paying off.



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