South West : Governor Presides Strategic Security Meeting

Political, traditional, administrative and elite of the region attended the meeting which has as objective to pre-empt threats by armed groups.

The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, recently chaired a three-hour long strategic meeting in Buea. It was attended by traditional rulers, administrative officials, regional service heads and security forces. The lone item on the agenda was to sensitise people against threats and violence orchestrated by armed groups.
In his introductory remark, Governor Okalia Bilai urged Chiefs, Quarter Heads and family heads to watch out for any strange faces and actions in their localities. “If any incident happens around your premises and you cannot denounce the perpetrators, you would be the first suspect,” the Governor told them. He told Service Heads to keep vigil over their office premises against planting of explosives and hoisting of pieces of cloth in the name of imaginary flags. He added that the South West cannot become an experimental ground for violence.
To the Governor, the meeting would put an end to the lock-downs and ghost town phenomenon propagated by separatist fighters. The meeting declared no motorbikes in Buea, and encouraged all business operators and schools to operate normally without observing lock-downs. Telecommunication operators were also urged to monitor ransom collected from captives through networks and trace the source, to help authorities lay hands on perpetrators.
The emergency meeting chaired by the Governor coined a catch phrase of “terrorizing terrorists” wh...



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