Otia Suh Vitalis : Veteran In Cameroon Movie Industry

With over 17 years of experience, the 56-year-old actor is the founder and President of the Red Feather Awards, which will be heading to its 7th edition, come December 2023.

He is a senior biomedical scientist by training, born and raised in Tole, South West Region. The name and face of Otia Vitalis is most familiar to the lovers of the series “Bad Angel” broadcast on the Cameroon Radio Television from 2016 where he experienced the most success in his career. He embodied the character “Mindanko” to the admiration of all the viewers. “I cannot hide anywhere, “Bad Angel”, is appreciated both within and out of the country. I have received all kinds of applause” the actor told Cameroon Tribune.
He got into acting after heeding to a plea from his friend to join them on a film project “Facing Destiny” a 17-episode TV Series, produced by CRTV in 2006. “From that day, I have not rested, from one project to the other,” Vitalis confessed. He added that though he lacked experience, he challenged himself to try new things and break patterns. Thus, he tried acting. Till this day, he is reaping the fruits of his courage. Vitalis Otia says growing up in Tole back was not a bed of roses. His parents had minimal income which could meet just his basic needs. The only luxury he could afford was a "Nchang shoe” to wear to school. “It was tough but was almost the same life style with a vast majority of the children. We actually enjoyed it and played over these difficulties,” he admits. Today he has a family of his own to cater for and discloses that his family was somewhat reticent that a senior biomedical scientist will be on the screens as an actor. Today, his family is his “number one fan” and has accepted his art and even want to be part of it. The veteran actor looks out for the message a film passes across before accepting to be part of any film project which will increase the visibility of young Cameroonian producers...



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