Joseph Merrick Baptist College : Ex-Students Raise Funds To Rebuild Institution

This was during activities to launch the diamond Jubilee of the school over the weekend in Yaounde.

Former students of Joseph Merrick Baptist College (JMBC) in Ndu, North West Region gathered in Yaounde over the weekend to kick-start activities which will culminate in the diamond jubilee celebration of the school. Under the auspices of the President General of the Association of Merrick Ex Students, AMEX, Joseph Chebonkeng Kalabubse, the members launched a project to raise FCFA 40 million, destined to rebuild the shattered walls of the school laboratories destroyed as a result of the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions. A special thanksgiving ceremony by AMEX members took place on Sunday November 26, 2023 at the Etoug-Ebe Baptist Church.
In a gathering on Saturday November 25, 2023, Joseph Chebonkeng said it was not just to meet classmates, and look back into their days while at JMBC, but also to thank God for the privilege of being alive and to see how to improve the learning environment of the current students in the school. The President General revealed that one of the former student, based in the USA, built and equipped a computer laboratory. Also, AMEX built a visual library. But unfortunately, both structures were damaged during the crisis. The members of AMEX within the diamond jubilee celebration are organising a fund raising ceremony to rebuild and reequip the five laboratories in the college amongst which the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Food and Nutrition laboratories. Joseph Chebonkeng noted that they need to do this for their children and grandchildren studying in the school.
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