Cultural festival : Importance Of Peace Re-echoed At Ekondo-Titi

Sons and daughters of the Ekondo-Tti including communities’ resident there in their different cultural displays celebrated oneness.

Ekondo Titi Village square on December 27, 2023, was a melting point of culture. This was on the occasion of the 1st Edition of the Ekondo-Titi Cultural Jamboree. Indigenous traditional dances like the Nganda dance, the Likombe dance and Jocki dance displayed to their ancestral rhythm as the drums and other traditional musical instruments rented the air. Other ethnic groups resident in Ekondo-Titi animated the colourful event as they sang and danced showing the importance of culture to a people. Among them were Kupe Muanenguba, Lebialem, Nigeria, Manyu, Grassfield, Balue communities among others. In their traditional rendition, they chanted unity. 
The cultural jamboree is part of the roadmap of HRM Justice Achia Nawango Manfred, traditional ruler of Ekondo-Titi, to revamp the town which is the economic melting point and heartbeat of Ndian Division. He told the population to be hopeful in whatever thing they do as peace has returned to their land. That all hands have to remain on deck to sustain the peace they have achieved. Ekondo-Titi has had its own fair share of the sociopolitical crisis staring the North West and South West Regions in the face. The Chief said it is imperative for the sons and daughters of Ekondo-Titi from different walks of life to commune together, a way of passing down the culture ...



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