2024 New Year Wishes : Unforgettable Moments At Unity Palace

President Paul Biya on Friday January 5 convivially communed with members of the diplomatic corps and national dignitaries hoping the ongoing year brings good tidings to all.

Friday January 5, 2024 was an exceptionally busy day at Cameroon’s State House as hundreds of senior officials: Members of the diplomatic corps and national dignitaries wished President Paul Biya well in the New Year. In effect, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Chargés d’Affaires and heads of diplomatic organisations accredited to Cameroon as well as national dignitaries massively answered present to convivially share best moments and wishes with the head of the country’s diplomacy, President Paul Biya.
In fact; the Presidential palace was beehive-like from the moment the gates of Unity Palace were opened till the end of the colourful ceremony. And the theatre of activities for the two-phase New Year Wishes presentation ceremony - The Ambassador’s Hall; for members of the diplomatic corps and Banquet Hall of the Presidency of the Republic; for national dignitaries; bore the colours of a great feast. Of course going to the Unity Palace to talk and listen to the Head of State, shake hands with him and share best wishes is a great privilege for the invitees. 
Coming after a State-of-the-nation’s address of December 31, 2023 in which President Biya touched on some burning societal issues, Friday’s New Year Wishes ceremony was more than simply shaking hands with diplomats and officials tasked with materialising his vision. A special and solemn moment for the head of Cameroon’s diplomacy to tell the world his country’s position on global events, listen to the diplomats on their remarks and proposals on some goings-on in the country and even dish out instructions to some national dignitaries.   
By 1:45 pm when Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Chargés d’Affaires and representatives of international organisations were officially expected to start arriving and get themselves installed, the stage was already set with the State Protocol drawn at full length. By 2:25pm when the arrivals were planned to end, all the diplomats had already taken their seats at the ceremonial hall. And true to himself, the Head of State arrived at the Ambassadors’ Halll at 3 pm to a standing ovation from the already seated members of the diplomatic corps. 
On the behalf of the Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Chargés d’Affaires and heads of diplomatic organisations accredited to Cameroon, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Paul Patrick Biffot, High Commissioner of Gabon, praised President Paul Biya and his country for weathering the storms of challenges on national and international issues to stay afloat. In what looked like an appraisal of government’s actions vis-à-vis societal and global happenings, Ambassador Paul Patrick Biffot saluted Cameroon’s resilience and restated the support of the bilateral and multilateral partners in keeping the country on the path of peace and progress. The Gabonese diplomat hailed Cameroon’s hospitality demonstrated, once again, through the hosting of thousands of refugees from neighbouring countries, the March 17, 2023 CEMAC Heads of State Summit likewise the Francophonie Ministers’ Conference last year.  
In his response, President Paul Biya made a round of happenings around the world, reiterating his firm stand for a fair society where all and sundry is given the opportunity to live and let others live. In a world that seems to be going adrift, the Head of State holds that there is need to continue to believe in the United Nations...



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