TechWomen : Young Girls Called To Have Clear Visions

This was during a Leadership Development and Sustainable Impact Networking session on February 27, 2024 in Yaounde.

Over 50 TechWomen from some 21 countries with the potentials and leadership skills to accompany other women in the field of technology have been called to know that leadership is not just about achieving a goal, but about the journey to success, lessons learned, challenges overcome and the growth achieved along the way. The General Manager of the Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL), Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, made the remark on Tuesday February 27, 2024 during a networking session for Leadership Development and Sustainable Impact amongst TechWomen in Cameroon and beyond.
In her keynote address, Judith Yah Sunday said women are not just contributors, but also catalyst for progress, architects of change and pioneers for innovation. Women empowerment is a core value as everyone has an equal opportunity for growth and advancement. She recalled her career journey within CAMTEL, and said it has been a journey of twist that has led her to where she is today. “With perseverance and a clear vision; everything is possible,” she told the young girls. Speaking to the TechWomen leaders, the GM of the Telecommunication Company said the choices they will make as leaders, will carry profound implications on the wellbeing of the planet and future generation. While revealing the principles of sustainable leadership which embodies not just a vison of change but a blueprint for action, as leaders, she told the women that they hold the power to change the trajectory of their enterprises and communities. It requires their commitment to mitigate their impact in the world for sustainability that transforms generation.
In her welcome remarks, the President of TechWomen Cameroon, Aurel Tayou, said th...



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