Vocabulary, Diction, Knowledge Declining…

The negative effects of not reading are far-reaching on an individual’s personal growth and communication skills.

Reading a book has become a difficult task to undertake by many people in the society today, especially amongst the youthful generation. Most at times, young people are seen on social networks such as Facebook and Tik-tok chatting for hours. Some even spend an entire day listening to music on YouTube. Reading a book is out of place for many. The consequences of not reading are far-reaching. The negative effects of these are vivid in their language capacity. Amongst which is the difficulty to improve writing and communication skills. 
Experts say it is incredibly difficult to improve writing skills if one is not reading. The greatest source of improvement of vocabulary and diction is reading. When reading, people come across new words. Hence, the opportunity to learn their meanings and incorporate them into personal vocabulary. This helps an individual to communicate more effectively and express oneself more clearly. Without reading, one’s vocabulary declines. That is why today, many young people will hardly consider the word “invaluable” to have a positive meaning which could mean priceless, precious or important. Due to lack of reading, the vocabulary of many people have decreased. As such, they are not exposed to new words and their meanings. Hence, instead of writing “grateful” some young people will write “greatful” and still think it means the same. 
Not reading books, have limited the exposure of some youths to new ideas and information. When someone reads he/she gains more knowledge of other places, customs and cultures. Even though young people tend to get their information from social media, that is usually not reliable. By not reading, people develop a short-sighted knowledge of the world. This has led to lack of knowledge and und...



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