Upcoming Paris Annual Show : Stylists Showcase Talents

This was during a gala event to announce the event that took place in Douala on March 23, 2024.

It was a busy night for stylists and fashion designers from Cameroon and beyond as participants thrilled the audience showcasing their talents and got selected for the upcoming event in Paris.  The Annual Show Paris 2024 Before-Event Gala that took place in Douala was a dazzling gathering of fashion, music and celebrities. The Annual Show is a platform for black beauties of the Sahara, that offers models of African origin a genuine stage for self-expression. As part of its primary mission, it brings together and unites young models with proven talent. To this effect, castings were organized in Douala on March 23, with the aim of bringing together exceptional fashion icons who embody the diversity that characterises Africa.
During the Douala show, the Chief of Operation of the event, Ghislaine Mangoua, said illustrious fashion designers known and recognised were also out to pay tribute to the African beauties whose aura enables the most enchanting collections to shine brightly around the world.
She added that the bi-annual event was a moment to showcase fashion under the patronage of Grégoire Piwele, promoter of Annual Show Fashion Week. The six stylists and 30 models selected a...



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