Storytelling : Centre Zingui Holds Command Performance For French Theatre Actor

Stephane Delle has concluded his three-month internship in the country after being hosted by the theatre located in the Ekoumdoum neighbourhood of Yaounde. The performance is his honour held on Saturday March 30, 2024.

He is only 23, but has already received the treat of his life. As a theatre actor. Stephane Delle, is a young French citizen of Cameroonian origin. Who had never stepped foot in Cameroon. And knew virtually nothing about the country. Until three months ago. When he arrived in Cameroon for a three-month internship with the French Institute of Cameroon, Yaounde. During which he was lodged by Centre Zingui Theatre in the Yaounde Ekoumdoum neighbourhood. Thanks to the generosity of its founder and Director, Mr David Noundji.
Stephane Delle has now concluded his three-month internship in the country. In order to bid him farewell, Centre Zingui thought of a novel way of offering him a “gift.” A command performance of who is who in storytelling in Cameroon – Arsene Beyene, Stephane Alima, Bertrand Baleguel, Veronique Eyali, Simeone Djuidje, Jacques Bilong, PikoYestra Brava and David Noundji.  And a painting exhibition by Mbiah Essouma Darryl Josué. Which all held in Centre Zingui Theatre on Saturday March 30, 2024.
“We wanted to showcase to him what we do here by presenting different artists, especially storytellers and the work of a budding painter, Mbiah Essouma Darryl Josué. It was also a big discovery and a special gift to Delle as an artist. I believe the performances were above average,” commented David Noundji. “A whole evening of storytelling dedicated to me! This was an extraordinary moment in my life! It was a very big gift! It was a big and great moment!” Stephane said. 
“The difference between what I watched and what obtains in France is that there is much more imagination in Cameroonian storytelling performa...



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