Security In The South West : Army Chief of Staff On Field Control In Buea

The Army General spent a day in the South West Regional capital with visiting and local security and defence authorities.

Lieutenant General René Claude Meka, Chief of Staff of Cameroon Armed Forces, was in Buea on April 17, 2024, on a routine control mission intended to evaluate security and defence work being done on the ground in the South West Region. He was accompanied by the infantry Chief and National Gendarmerie Coordinator as well as a representation of the Police.  
The top defence Officer was concluding the 2024 first semester phase of ground control. Lietenant General Meka listened carefully to field reports from the various command Officers beginning with Colonel Onambele Louis who is head of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade. The second report was presented by Colonel Kola, South West Gendarmerie Legion Commander and the third report came from Colonel Ewane Paulin who is Head of N°10 Military Health Sector. The various reports centred on the previous instructions from hierarchy with regards to quelling the security threats in the zone. Also, the health of men on the ground was of central concern with the military health sector report.
The reports apparently received the approval of the visiting hierarchy that diligently gave new instructions as to the security situation paying a special attention to the upcoming ...



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