University Community In Bamenda: Adhoc Committee Presents Report

 PM told that HTTC, HTTTC is operating at full gear and increasing number of students are available in the faculties.

Prime Minister, Head of Government Philemon Yang has inspired students of the University of Bamenda to be in school, learn and not listen to voices elsewhere that cannot help them to become the salt of the world. On a visit to encourage the full resumption of classes on March 6, 2017, the PM urged lectures and students to stop spreading fear, avoid the blame game, forgive and seek peace with each other as the way forward to achieve required results from the university community.  He recognized in the community, intellectuals and scientific minds capable of seeking truth and saluted great things happening in the University of the Future. It was also a moment for the chairman of the Inter-ministerial Adhoc Committe created to examine and propose solutions to concerns raised by protesting Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions Prof.  Paul Ghogomo Mingo to read out to parents a progressive report of the committee's work. It emerged that many gains have been registered from dialogue points and the government is progressively handling the core issues raised.  The Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Theresa Nkuo  Akenji told the PM that life is gradually returning to the university with HTTTC and HTTC operating at full gear as increasing number of students are attending classes in the faculties.  She hailed the courage of lecturers and students who in spite of all threats resumed studies.  An exchange with the members of the university community featured request for the government to restore internet whose blackout is not helping matters for research.  Speaker after speaker appealed for the PM to cause the speedy realization of sports infrastructure ahead of the 2017 University Games to be hosted by the University of Bamenda next month. Prominent were also request for good drinking water on campus, recruitment of more staff, worries about delays in serving laptops promised by the Head of State  and appointments of the members of the National Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.  The PM reassured that the promised laptops was a done deal by the Head of State and that care is being taken to select the best to serve the commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.



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