Humanitarian Actions : 30 Years On, Chantal Biya Keeps Championing

For three decades, the First Lady has been a strong advocate for education and health as well as numerous organisations aiding the disadvantaged.

It all started on April 23, 1994, when the First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, opened a humanitarian page geared towards assisting the most vulnerable groups of people in Africa and Cameroon, in particular. Today, April 23, 2024, Chantal Biya, with her thumps up is glad to commemorate 30 years of humanitarian services to humanity while nourishing her aspiration for an ever more generous society with the ideal of having faith in human beings and their wellbeing. 
Cameroon’s First Lady’s humanitarian journey began with the creation of the Chantal Biya Foundation (CBF), an epicentre of her desire and passion to relieve human suffering wherever it occurs. The Foundation is a major tool of her humanitarian actions. Launched in 1994, CBF is a non-political, non-denominational and a non-profit-making humanitarian association which carries out activities aimed at reducing poverty and fighting diseases, notably AIDS.  The President’s wife created the Chantal Biya Foundation following her belief that: “There is always a call for more concrete solidarity to build a better world. It is my conviction; it is my passion.” Through a wide variety of projects, the Foundation has been striving to assist, educate and protect the nation’s poor, sick and disadvantaged citizens, as well as champion initiatives to help the young, elderly and marginalised in society. The Foundation’s Mother and Child Centre offers comprehensive paediatric care and health education, with consistent follow-up for children born to mothers living with HIV. 
In her humanitarian drive, Mrs Biya is not only renowned for her activities in support of women, children and other vulnerable groups, but also for the research, treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS, mainly through the organisation, the African Synergy Against AIDS and Suffering, of which she is the Founding President. The non-governmental organisation which comprises of First Ladies and former First Ladies from Africa seeks to fight for the end of child labour and other abuse endured by children and also campaigns for the improvement of living conditions of rural women in Africa. With numerous feathers in her humanitarian cap, Mrs Chantal Biya is also behind the creation of the Chantal Biya International Reference Centre for Research on HIV/AIDS prevention and management (CIRCB). The centre promotes medical research, including the treatment and prevention of HIV. Another major stronghold of the First Lady is her charitable association, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), an association she founded with the aim to provide hu...



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